I’m Luke

With each commission, I aim to craft daring images that challenge the viewer to explore, ruminate and react.  Chasing emotion, motion, and thoughtful light, I strive to to meld an incredible experience with powerful art that gladdens the heart and sweetens the home.


More about me:

In 2017, I celebrate my ninth year photographing weddings full time in wine country, with 220 weddings in my portfolio. 

I married my sweetheart in 2007 just steps away from the tree under of which I met her, at a place in far west Sonoma county that overlooks the Pacific ocean.

I am stoked to now have a daughter that is much like her.  We three like big salads, hunting raspberries in the yard, and exploring our community (mostly while holding hands).  

Always a lover of the challenge, I graduated college at the top of my class, hiked all the way from Mexico to Canada, once busted a marathon in less than 4 hours, and probably pushed my PR records in yoga this morning. 

Improving as an artist, communicator and most important wedding vendor is what I do and want to continue doing.  The proof is in both my portfolio and online reviews, and I invite you to explore my work and the difference in me further.  

For even more information and frequently asked questions, see my FAQ page.