Auction Napa Valley 2012

Invited recently to photograph the details and splendor of Napa Valley’s largest auction for the Napa Vintners, I documented seven parties in three days, and witnessed splendor and generosity from some of the wine industry’s greatest.  If you’d like to see the whole collection (almost 700 images), click here.  Otherwise, enjoy this post.

The first party began at Palmaz Vineyards, with a splendid view to the west.  I couldn’t help myself Christian Palmaz welcomes guests into the wine caves.  Meanwhile, over at Ma(i)sonry  Yountville, I caught the end of a fabulous social hour, turned into dinner. 

I caught the prime time of dinner at Trefethen Family Vineyards, where dinner was in full swing.

The Slippery Nickels had a jazz set that sounded superb to me.  

Chef Casey Thompson  put together a fresh meal and dessert I wish I could have tasted, but I had to deliver some images to the press that night.

The next day, I was invited to Spottswoode as they hosted the first dinner party of the night. 

Mary Novak shares a tour with guests of her glorious garden.

I arrived at Vineyard 7 and 8 just before sunset to a meal about to begin.

I finished the night at Vineyard 29 as they were well into their evening.  

The last party of the weekend was the big one.   Meadowood  hosted the live auction, and I quickly moved into the massive tent where the action was.

With the fancy champagne and confetti canon, this image was a common one as it followed the winning big bids.

Spotter’s helped out the auctioneer.  

Beside the beautiful table decor, a bold installation of grape vines and stakes were the centerpiece of the dinner party.