Carmel Wedding Elopement of Brianna and Rodney

Be weary of a professional photographer who tells more than he/she shows.

That said, celebrate a photographer who mostly shows and has lots of good reviews.

The one below with 6000 words is likely the longest I’ve ever received.  I’ve posted here below the images because it is authentic, from the heart, and the writer doesn’t want Google and Yelp demanding her say it in 5000.   Many thanks for the words Brianna!


Carmel Wedding

Carmel Wedding

I am so crazy grateful, excited, and happy to have found Luke Snyder that my review will be tough to keep concise.
My recent husband and I were having a difficult time finding just the right photographer. We were planning an elopement-style ceremony over 2,000 miles from our home at SUNRISE. We were also one of those couples that didn’t have a precise idea of what we wanted- only what we didn’t. We used social networking to ask family and friends if they had any recommendations. Of the countless offered to us, none of them came close to “it” until we found Luke. From the moment we looked at his website we knew he was the one. It was a tremendous undertaking choosing a California photographer while in Texas, but I’m grateful to announce Luke Snyder Studio was the answer.
After our initial inquiry to him, he responded immediately. (I should add the the sweet friend who recommended him gave him rave reviews- both in artistic talent and character. This was exactly what we were looking for.) We set up a time to speak and during that initial over the phone consulation we were amazed by his approach. Not only was he willing to travel from Sonoma to Carmel to capture our wedding, he was actually excited for the “creative opportunity,” his words, our sunrise wedding vision provided. That was the exact sentiment we hadn’t realized we were looking for. Luke was patient, curteous and understanding that we didn’t know exactly what we wanted- something we feared would make it harder on our potential photographer. Rather than starting the conversation with talks of budget or even photographic ideas, he asked for our story. He aked how we met, how we were engaged. He wanted to actually understand us. No one we contacted asked any of these questions. Luke possessed sincere interest in capturing not only our day, but our essence. He was punctual with our telephone appointments, he was enthusiastic, charismatic and joyful. All of these traits were only multiplied when we were lucky enough to meet him in person. I specifically say lucky enough because Luke Snyder is the exact type of person I’d choose as a friend. Seriously.
Fast forward a few months to the night before our wedding, Luke was to make the drive to Carmel, CA and meet us in our wedding cottage in which we offered him a room. The second he showed up I knew in my heart our meeting was meant to be. He was every single one of my gut feelings I had about him and more. He showed up at our door with so much sincere passion to be there. He had an amazing attitude and an amazing smile to show it- the kind that lights up the room. He sat down with me and my husband and listened to us. He listened to us beam about our magical trip so far, he listened to our excitement over the coming wedding and he listened to every single detail we pointed out about our cottage and how “meant to be” it all was…. all while taking candid shots we would eventually be surprised to find. I don’t know of a single photographer that would take this much time and careful thoughtfulness. Those are now some of my favorite wedding photos as they would come to be our last photos of being engaged. We hadn’t even thought of it. We would come to know how much he listened and how much he retained when we eventually went through our wedding photos. He somehow captured every detail from the glass doorknobs to the dutch doors… Luke listens. This, we believe, is one of the most important qualities you can find in a photographer. If you look at his work on his website it’s easy to see that he does; no two weddings are alike. They each look so characteristic of his subject’s unique story.
To say a few things more about his character, we had only one guest at our wedding and my two sisters who were our ministers. The energy, authenticity and personality of the photographer was very important to us. We chose every single detail with such meaning and symbolism- even the photographer. I still cannot believe we found this in him. It’s SO MUCH to look for and he provided all. He was the PERFECT ENERGY to add to our special day and there is not a single person that could have taken his place. He was even there for my pre-wedding makeup when I freaked out having not been used to wearing so much. He was the calm energy there to validate that me washing all of my friend’s great work off was OK. It sounds small typing it, but it was huge. I just appreciate Luke so much… which I’m fairly certain is obvious. I almost forgot to mention that Luke showed up with a bottle of wine for us and a “moon” of honey- because did I mention he is a bee-keeper? Yes, not only is he an amazing human being, he’s also a gifted photographer and beekeeper. The honey was one of my favorite wedding presents EVER and delicious, too. I love remembering it!
Now that I have gushed over my sentimentality for Luke, let me move on to my wedding photos. I’ll probably cry through this part. They’re beautiful. They’re stunning. They’re magical. They’re authentic. They’re creative. They’re moving. They’re REAL. They’re artistic. They’re enchanting. They’re one hundred million of the most incredible adjectives you can think of. We are IN LOVE with them… every one of them… even the ones where my hair is windblown and my makeup was wiped off from nuzzling into my husband. Luke drove us to a beautiful spot I hadn’t been to in years to take more photos. We didn’t take posey, creating a moment photos- he took photos of us IN the moment, enjoying one another. This is why I say they are real. He even surprised us with a bottle of champagne. He blew us away with his angles. I am sincerely telling you that we are still puzzled by how he captured photos from the angles he did. We didn’t even notice him snapping away. He’s so talented!
I simply cannot say it enough. He was the best photographer we could have found and our pictures prove it. You really will get what you pay for when it comes to wedding photography. I’d have paid Luke double for what we received from him. It was worth every penny and more. If you’re looking for the total package in a photographer trust my review and the reviews of many others. He is your answer. Thank you again Luke! You have touched our lives and enriched our special day. We will always be grateful to you!