Harmony and Jesse – Wedding – Private Estate – St Helena, CA.

Harmony and Jesse exchanged vows Saturday at a place that he knew as a child.   This wedding, hosted at the same place his parents wed, honored all generations, with a ceremony on the steps, a scavenger hunt for all, a live folk band, lawn games, polaroids, and some delightfully awesome moments.  Just like I like them, the day was filled with tears of joy and the playful squeals of dozens of kids to accompany the union.   Pow.  This was superfun.








Making reflection shots as we wait for this cake cutting business to get overwith.



Now….the day after had a real day after shoot.  I met them at 5 with a few ideas and they met me back with a pink dress and some cigarettes.

With the intention of taking a very different direction than the day before,  showing their future kids just how cool they were when they were young, we did this against the norm shoot.




  • harmony chisholm said:

    Luke -

    Both days were so much fun but for VERY different reasons! THANK YOU for everything - you rocked both days! We couldn't have had a more perfect photographer to capture our special moments. You totally "got" us! We can't wait to see the rest of our photos.

    Much love!

  • Tracy said:

    OMG. The day-after shoot rocks! And what a beautiful wedding-- the shot with the kids and cupcakes made me laugh out loud.