Kind Words 8 from Wedding Wire

These Kind Words 8 from Wedding Wire:
5.0 /5.0
Finding a photographer was one of the most important decisions we made while planning our wedding. I probably spent more than 40 hours researching online and meeting different photographers. I only met with photographers that had great work, but it was important for me that we found the right fit. Luke was above and beyond the right fit for us.

As a bride, I must tell you how important it is that you get along with your photographer. If there is something about a photographer that irks you, it will show up in your pictures! Luke is so kind, and flexible and understanding. He gave me the sweetest give (literally) on my wedding day that I cherished so much. It really set the tone for the day. It was HOT on our wedding day and I was in a dress that weighed 30 pounds. Luke read my mind when I was getting affected by the heat and allowed me to get back into my air conditioned hotel room as soon as possible. He was so sympathetic and amazing.

Another word of advice, seeing Luke running around in the heat, juggling multiple cameras and heavy equipment- you need a photographer that is in shape! It was a long shooting day, close to 12 hours and Luke had a ton of endurance. He was climbing on our stage, getting on his hands and knees all to get the best shot. Thinking of some of the other photographers we interviewed, I don’t think they could have pulled it off!

We are so blown away by our photos. The candids were the most important part for me and they took my breath away. The portraits which were important to our relatives do not look staged or forced. The detail shots were amazing. He captured our day perfectly and each photo is exactly how I remembered our wedding and I am so happy we have such a beautiful collection of memories. I am so glad we found Luke Snyder.


5.0 /5.0

My original review for this talented, authentic, gifted photographer is 6,000 enthusiastic, heartfelt words long (which was already shortened in it’s entirety!). If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your wedding and researching reviews to find your photographer, please read my original review here: …I mean every word of this, even months later.

Luke Snyder captured our wedding beautifully. Our photos are authentic, artistic, creative and real. Rather than posing a created moment, Luke discreetly captured real moments as they took place. He listened to our story, which he was genuinely interested in, and took it into account while recording our day in pictures. His heart is in his work and it is obvious both in meeting him personally and looking through his portfolio. I simply cannot say enough about my gratitude for finding and choosing him.


4.9 /5.0

Let me start off by saying that perfection is not even going to come close to Luke’s style of photography and end result. And, we haven’t even gotten our wedding pictures, just seen the sneak peeks and capture everything we were feeling that day. We picked Luke bc of his style of photography and passion for what he does. The day of the wedding is the first time that we had ever met him and it felt like we had been friends for a lifetime. When we had our first look before the wedding we didn’t even notice that Luke was there taking pictures and that goes for the entire wedding. He really listened to what Alex and I wanted out of our photographs and understood the direction that we were hoping for. If you are looking for a photographer to add to your already special day and for the many more years to come then hire Luke. There is no amount of money that you will be able to pay him for what he produces on your wedding day. We are only sad about one thing, and that is that our wedding is once in a lifetime. If we ever renew our vows Luke will be there. Get him now before someone else does!


5.0 /5.0

Since my husband and I eloped, adding an unknown person to our intimate space was an important decision. I am thrilled to report that we are extremely pleased with what Luke brought to our special day. He brought a confident yet relaxed energy that helped us to feel comfortable and also the artistry that we were hoping for. Our photos turned out lovely; true art (and we loved the way he slung those cameras around like a gun fighter in the old west!) Luke was professional in every regard. We would highly recommend him for your special day.


5.0 /5.0

I should start off by saying that we changed our wedding date just so that we could have Luke as our photographer! His portfolio speaks for itself (we thought so) but just in case you are still on the fence here is another rave review for Luke.

By far, Luke was the most amazing vendor, and best decision we made planning our wedding. We first met Luke at our engagement session in Yountville, CA, and it turned out to be one of the most fun, memorable, and comfortable experiences we had as a couple during the wedding-planning process. The pictures truly reflected that. The pictures turned out amazing, better than we could have ever imagined, and Luke really spent the time to capture different settings, lightings and perspectives to make it special.

Luke’s attention to detail was only magnified at our wedding! He came the day before to scope out our venue so that he knew ahead of time what would create the best pictures. Luke wasn’t afraid to suggest changes to us which we are forever grateful for. He recommended taking a private walk just the two of us immediately after the ceremony through the gardens, and it is safe to say that it is something both my husband and I know we will cherish for the rest of our lives…and the pictures were breathtaking of course 🙂 Luke was everywhere at once, but at the same time all of our guests, bridal party, and family members were in awe at how quickly (and perfectly) he captured moments without belaboring it, and perfectly blending into our celebration like he was one of the family.

His pictures are amazing, and our home could double as a Luke Snyder gallery. His pictures were so breathtaking, and so captivating we have filled every room in our home with them.

Plainly, it would be a mistake not to hire this thoughtful, talented man.

Thank you Luke.

Ashley & Ross



All great art has a wonderful inevitability about it, as though it could not be imagined another way. This is Luke’s work; masterful, elegant, thoughtful, and as though it could be no other way as it is essentially perfect.

My wife and I had our wedding celebration in Napa in July. We wanted to capture time, place, and celebration with someone who wasn’t just local, but had a sense for Yountville in his or her bones. Terroir matters for wine, it matters for food, and it also matters for the captured image.

Luke’s portfolio is amazing but what won me over was his insistence on meeting with us a week before our celebration – to see who we are, watch how we interact, and to understand what it was that we wanted to capture. This delighted me, and it showed in the results from the next week when we had our party at Ad Hoc.

Working style: Direct but also sensitive. Direct is good; direct is a pro at work. I liked being told what to do to make the best shots. So, too, is sensitive. Sensitive to color and light and textures, sensitive to our interactions and those of our friends.

Images: lush without being overwrought, and close-up without seeming staged. The feel of the time, place, emotion of the event are all captured thoughtfully and in detail.

His work is really lovely, and it’s really lovely to work with him. Cannot recommend Luke highly enough.


5.0 /5.0

Luke was terrific from the beginning, and he only got better as we worked with him. All of his advice and suggestions were spot on, and and his photography is second to none. He does have the ability to see the beauty in the photo before it is taken, and this, together with his eye for detail, translates to a composition both touching and poignant. We reserved our most careful attention on our choice of photographer, and we believe we could not have done better. The finished product is superb.



My newlywed and I could not speaker higher about Luke. The consummate professional, he was on time and ready to go at the Carneros Inn where we got married. His vision and artistic eye for our photographs were amazing! He was upbeat and friendly, but completely unobtrusive on our special day and he caught every detail.
His post- production work was just as great – He promised us photos in 6 weeks and we got them just as he said — the colors were rich, the editing was delicate, and most importantly our photos were a work of art.
A true thank you to the artist for capturing our special day!


5.0 /5.0

Luke is a professional in every category, he captured my daughters wedding day beautifully and got every shot we could have hoped for. Luke has a talent for catching tender moments between people and your wedding is such an emotional day you want to remember all the love in the room. My daughters wedding photos are love and light thanks to Luke Snyder Studio!


5.0 /5.0

I cannot say enough about Luke and his work! We hired Luke to photograph our wedding and to do an engagement shoot. We absolutely LOVE our engagement pictures and have gotten so many compliments on them. We haven’t gotten our wedding pictures back yet, but are confident they will be incredible! Luke is so creative and really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He will do almost anything to get the shot, yet is so unobtrusive you’ll hardly even know he’s there. He is professional, very well organized, and you cannot help but see how much he loves what he does. He truly knows photography and how to capture the essence of a moment! Thank you Luke!!


5.0 /5.0

Luke was an incredible find and you\’ll be lucky to have him at your wedding!\r\n\r\nMy wedding was a small affair, partially due to budget restraints and partially due to our desire to keep it an intimate affair. Luke took our little wedding, one of the happiest days of my life, and made it look perfect. He has the skill and, for lack of a better word, the soul of a great artist. He took what would otherwise be a mundane setting and added a great mood. He took full advantage of the overcast sky that day and the uneven light in the church, creating intimate shadows on ordinary objects: my boots (more on that later), my robes, the Tibetan bell bowl, the rings, and so on.\r\n\r\nHe knows how to make people look their best. He knows how to catch people in those emotional moments and put them on film. He knows to take the picture when you smile, when you cry, when you laugh, when you\’re thoughtful. He knows how to use the light to make you look beautiful. \r\n\r\nHe also knows when to change his altitude. He will get on a ladder, get on his belly, and get everywhere to get the shot. Many of the shots from our wedding were at unusual angles, and it made for some of the most innovative shots in the set.\r\n\r\nLuke is a skillful hand when it comes to post-production. He knows when to keep it full-color, when to turn it to sepia-tone, and when to make it black and white. He knows when to change the depth of a shot, to crop it, to do all the little tricks that make a photo look its best.\r\n\r\nLuke uses professional, up-to-date equipment to give you high-quality photos that print perfectly from the digital files, and knows where to get them professionally printed. \r\n\r\nOur wedding was non-traditional. It was a costumed wedding, and Luke not only was eager to shoot it, he was happy to experiment. I was married in Jedi robes (long story) and my wife and step-daughter wore custom-made dresses. Our guests were dressed in clothes ranging from Renaissance garb to traditional kilts. Luke got dynamic and unique shots of our unique wedding.\r\n\r\nLuke was more than reasonable on the price, and would have been worth it at twice the price! And he won\’t inflate his travel expenses either.\r\n\r\nOn top of everything else, Luke is a nice guy with a great sense of humor. Our wedding really was unusual, but Luke took it with a big smile and was sincerely eager to try something new. He even Photshopped in a lightsaber blade for me!\r\n\r\nI love showing off the pictures to my friends, family, total strangers…really, I just can\’t keep them to myself. I wish I could show them off here so you could see what I\’m talking about.\r\n\r\nIf you can get this man to photograph your wedding, DO SO! You\’ll be glad you did!


5.0 /5.0

I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with Luke Snyder Studio on a wedding together. As a wedding coordinator, I have experience working with a diverse range of vendors and Luke Snyder is at the top of my list. Luke has a warm presence, making you, the bride and groom feel instantly comfortable and at ease. My bride and groom couldn’t have been happier with their photos. The bride even used Luke for a special birthday photo session with her best friends after!

Luke’s photos are breathtakingly beautiful. Luke captures the special moments, memories, and feelings that enable you to remember the spirit of your wedding day forever. Luke is a true gem – absolutely kind, intelligent, friendly and talented – and I can’t wait to work with him on future weddings!

Zoie Events

5.0 /5.0

Luke isn’t just a photographer, he’s a camera whisperer. Every one of his shots has an intangible, otherworldly quality. He’s able to capture more than the basics – the situation/action/people – but also the Life and specificity of a moment. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m glad he does.