Naomi and Ali – Engaged and Married!!!

So it all happened in just a few days, a few days ago.

This destination wedding brings Naomi and Ali from the Midwest to Napa for the whole scha-bang.    Friends, family, and some off-the-hook traditions roll in from all over the world following them for a few days of splendid.    With a balance of old and new, borrowed and blue, plenty of magic ran through this wedding.   Go ahead and sneak a peek now, but do come back and read the rest.

Aside from an intial meeting, a few emails and a phone call, our relationship began just three days before the big-dealio.    With an tender engagement shoot, the pair shared a few more deets to the day, and some sweet eye candy for me to record.     Despite the lucky pigeon poop smackin’ down during a inopportune moment with my couple, we laughed it off and made some super shots that you can see below, including “the rock shot” that won kudos from all the kicks.

Three days later, I show up again on this fourth of July weekend to some red-n-blue shoes, a white dress, and a bride that out-glowed any firework.  Wahoo!.

We all knew the plan was to have to have three traditional ceremonies during the day at two sites.   Insert one limo, all those celebratory guests, collaborating vendors, perfect weather, flaring sunlight, a wine cave, and a bit-o-candle-light to make some excellent photography potential.

It gets even better when you hear the backstory.

You see, the groom’s Persian father was to marry them with components of the culture his family holds dear, in the cave with the Sofreh-ye Aghd (spread) and honey (which melts my heart ’cause I shared the same ritual).     Then, the bride’s Anglo father to marry them again hours later, in a ceremony similar to what many of us Americans are familiar with.    Later that evening, her mom’s culture is connected to its Asian roots with a tea (and tears) ceremony.    To this mix of heritage, add some of Napa’s sweetest sites, including the hotel and caves of the Meritage, ( ) and Sebastiani Winery (  ) and the scene was set.    Gosh!   I’m a sucker for emotion, meaning and tears.

The scene was set and the story was played.   Here are just a wee sampling of that day.   Do stay tuned for more!