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This review is for engagement pictures Luke took for my fiance and I in November, 2010.
Simply put, Luke is awesome. I imagined that taking engagement pictures would be really awkward and too staged, but Luke was great about making it a natural and enjoyable experience.
He was very easy to work with, went out of his way to shoot at a couple different locations, and got us some amazingly well-done pictures very quickly. My fiance was thrilled with the quality and we have received countless compliments on the pictures from our friends and families.
In addition to providing outstanding service for the engagement pics, I was most impressed with Luke’s thoughtfulness. We brought our English bulldog with us to make a cameo in some of our pictures and it turned out amazingly well. Unfortunately, our old dog ended up dying 3 weeks later. All it took was one email to Luke to see if he happened to have any extra pictures of our dog from his rolls and within an hour I had a response with some extra pictures to help us remember our pet.
If you want a high-quality, personable and caring photographer, Luke is definitely the guy to see in the Bay Area. Thanks, Luke!- Nick J. 12/3/2010


I hired Luke to shoot my wedding and included in the package was an engagement shoot. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, especially since my man is camera weary. So we all went out to the A’s Coliseum, where said man works, and had a great time. Luke kept us upbeat and having fun without being intrusive.
You can see the results for yourself here:
Can’t wait for the wedding!

Karena G.


All I can say is “Masterful”. Recently I entrusted Luke to shoot my wedding photos and included was an engagement session as well…

I have yet to see the final proofs but if the wedding shots are as good as our engagement session they will be surely be nothing less than spectacular.

During the big day his work was seemless… I knew somewhere he and his assistant were nailing down all of the details yet he was completely unobtrusive to us (the couple) or our guests. SInce we actually used “SNAPFISH” to make a guest sign-in book from our engagement session many guests raved about how amazing those shots were too! (i agree)

As a pretty avid photographer myself, I can confidently say he has a terrific “eye”. Super easy to work with as well and very responsive throughout the whole process.

You could easily spend far more and yet, he was easily hands-down, the best photographer even though he ended up being the most reasonably priced of the 5 or so I interviewed…

If I could do it again I wouldn’t change a thing. I would also encourage those out there to check out the websites prodigiously so you get a “feel’ for the style you want. Luke had the ideal blend of photojournalism and occasional “artsy” shots. This, along with his amazing eye and seemless interaction with guests at our wedding and us alike, made it truly a winning combination.

Thank you Luke… you are truly a master of your art
(10/12/2009 Previous review)
Updated review
just recieved my DVD’s from the wedding…1300 shots of bliss. Incredible. Plus his “best of” slide show hosted on his website is tasteful and again brought out some ‘moisture’ near my eyes… it was just so beautiful.
Thank you Luke.
Just incredible shots and everyone else who has seen his work of our family and friends all agree that it’s as good or better than they have ever seen—I wholeheartedly agree.
Can’t wait until we get our albums too…


I’m in love. Luke did the photography for our wedding this past labor day weekend and I’m blown away by the pictures. The spontaneity, the emotion, the lighting, and the artistry he puts into each one is simply amazing. All the guests loved Luke & his team. His energy, dedication & warmth are unmatched. He had a smile on his face the whole day from the genuine love of what he does.
I smile every time I think of looking at these photos with my husband (ack!) for years as we grow old. Luke, thanks for giving us the chance to relive our wedding through your photos anytime we choose… truly priceless. (updated review)

Seriously, I’ve never looked so good. Luke’s pictures are amazing!!!

I was really nervous meeting Luke because I am really self-conscious around the camera. But from the moment we first met Luke, I was completely reassured. He’s an absolute sweetheart and his energy is infectious. At our engagement shoot he made me and my somewhat shy groom-to-be lose ourselves in front of the camera. We both had a wonderful time. More importantly, the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. There is so much variation in light, color, and mood. We will keep these pictures forever. I absolutely can’t wait to have him shoot our wedding. thanks Luke!-
Michelle M
Wow. Where to begin. Luke amazed my (now) husband and I right from the get-go when we went on his site and saw how his pictures just seemed to stand out from others we looked at. The moments he captured were so much more. We really wanted someone with more of a photojournalistic point of view as opposed to “okay, now everyone stand in a group and smile” for our intimate wedding.
We had an engagement shoot and I think we both felt a little awkward with the idea of being photographed, but Luke made it very easy. I left thinking that he probably got some decent shots. When we got the pictures, I was shocked! All of our friends and family mentioned how these pictures were “so us” and they absolutely were perfect. I’m still floored at how he was able to grab hold of these stunning photos in what seemed to be a totally normal effort on our part.
We had Luke and Sky come for our wedding recently and those men worked their butts off! They weren’t afraid to get dirty in order to get those awesome shots. All of the guests felt very comfortable with them and even were talking about their ninja moves in order to get those candid pics.
I cannot recommend Luke enough. He loves what he does and it absolutely shows in his work. It’s like when you see a musician and you think, wow – he gets to do what he loves and get paid for it! That’s what I think of Luke – he seems like he is just so happy to be making a living off of doing something that is so natural to him and that he enjoys so much.
Stefanie B.


Luke is hands-down one of the greatest wedding photographers you can find. We hired him for our late summer wedding at Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley.
We had looked at several online galleries of prospective photographers, when we noticed that Luke’s images were different than anything else we’ve seen. These aren’t just your usual “prom” style wedding pictures; this is art. Luke brings an artistic, photojournalistic, and a romantic point of view to his images. He sees things and finds beauty that no one else can, and this really translates to his images. Luke captures beauty and emotion that tells a story.
When we met Luke for our engagement shoot, he brought so much energy and excitement and we could tell that he truly loves his job. It’s actually crazy how excited he gets when he shoots a perfect image/scene. I wished I loved anything even half as much as Luke enjoys photography! The engagement shoot was great because we really got to know him, and made us feel really comfortable in front of the camera- very useful for the wedding day.
On the wedding day, Luke captured the event in an unobstructive way and the pictures were just drop dead AMAZING! As the sneak peaks leaked out, our friends and family were amazed at the pictures and can’t stop talking about them.
On the business end, Luke was very responsive, timely, and efficient. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about the photography portion of our wedding day.
Luke Snyder is simply an outstanding and thoughtful individual, and I dare you to find a better person and photographer out there. I look forward to hiring him again to capture future milestones!
Thank you Luke!
Jenny L.


We hired Luke for our wedding in late summer 2011 and were very, very glad that we did.
After deciding to get hitched, we started comparing photographers (in the end, my spreadsheet contained information on 23 options) and interviewed our top four or five. No one else seemed to match his quality, price, and personality. We met for coffee in Napa and viewed more of his images and were further impressed by his professionalism and demeanor – he seemed genuinely excited about this work – not jaded like many of the other photographers we encountered or creepily overeager about photographing our big day. We finalized a contract shortly thereafter.
As our wedding approached, we traded more emails and he met us at our wedding site to scope out the place. He continued to put us at ease, scoping out the best spots and troubleshooting for potential problems.
On our wedding day Luke was fantastic. He was very professional but clearly enjoying himself. That enthusiasm helped everyone drop their guard and just enjoy the day. It was really quite magical how he got everyone to be relaxed amidst all the formality of photography – a bit like the pied piper, leading us and encouraging us, which makes sense since he was a Montessori School teacher in a former life.
The photos were terrific and working with Luke afterwards has been great too.
And check out his videos about his honeybees! Matt V.12/22/2011


I was recently married in Napa and Luke was our photographer. One of my tasks while wedding planning was to research photographers. I have been a groomsman in several weddings and I used to be a wedding videographer so I knew exactly what I was looking for. After talking with him and seeing some samples of his work, here are some reasons that we decided to go with Luke:
His pictures look natural and beautiful. I’ve been in far too many weddings where the photographer tries to pose us in weird and uncomfortable poses. It takes FOREVER (sometimes in hot weather or while we are all starving) and I know that nobody is ever going to hang up those pictures – ever. But Luke’s pictures were definitely frame worthy and he told us he doesn’t take long to take them (and he was exactly right).
– He captures the moment and emotions so well. His pictures are definitely worth a thousand words.
– He was so personable when we talked with him for our phone interview. It was a little overwhelming at first since we had to choose one photographer from the list of many photographers in the area. But after seeing his pictures and talking with him it was an easy decision to choose Luke.
After the wedding, here are some reasons that we are so thankful we picked Luke:
I have never been mistaken for being photogenic and I was not excited about having to pose for the engagement pictures. But Luke knew how to put us at ease and allowed us to be natural. Luke captured the love that my wife and I have for each other. We received so many compliments about our engagement photoshoot.
– Taking pictures can be very draining. But Luke has such a positive energy that we all really enjoyed having him around. He was such a blessing to us. He was always smiling and/or giggling. It’s very contagious.
– He works very hard to get the right shots. One minute he’s crawling on the ground and the next he is literally up in a tree. He is everywhere but he always stays in the background. He knows how important it is to capture the moment and not to take away from the moment.
– He takes posed group shots quickly. Like most weddings we really wanted a few group shots with different combinations of family and friends. This can be a very painful process. But we went through the entire list in 20 minutes. Everybody was so appreciative of his quick work and positive demeanor.
– We ended up with several hundred of the most beautiful pictures of our wedding. Every single one that he sent us tells a story of that day. It never gets old to look through them and relive that special day.
I can’t tell you how many times people ask, “where did you find that photographer? He is amazing!” It makes us so thankful we found him. So if Luke is available for your wedding then consider yourself lucky. You are going to be so blessed. You will cherish your pictures for the rest of your life.
Lucas H.



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