St. Helena Wedding Photography :: V. Sattui Winery :: Angela and Josh

When these long time high school sweethearts called me about getting married on the longest day of the year, I knew something special was up.  When they told me it was at the luscious V. Sattui winery, I jumped at the chance, as it would have been my second time at a place that has so many delicious lines and backdrops.    Do let me know what you think!

Wedding Venue: V. Sattui

Coordinator: Darlene Forbes

Officiant: Jim Forbes

Caterer: Elaine Bell

Florist: Valley Flora

Cake: Sweetie Pies

  • Mom said:

    Beautiful, I will always remember this day! The Pictures are just unbelievable! You captured the love of the are a photo genius! Sweetness and light is what you delivered! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!