Tangerina Balleena

A few weeks back, my wife and I were invited to stay as guests at a luxury home overlooking the Sea of Cortez with some friends.    Always up for an adventure and at a time when a vacation was needed, Natalie and I packed our bags for Cabo San Lucas.

Upon landing and traveling toward our not so humble Casa Miramar shelter for the long weekend,  I feasted my eyes on the ocean, wishing to see a whale spout, as I had many times in a previous trip to this unique landscape.   Magically, my wish was granted and I nearly caused a wreck with my celebratory sounds.

As we arrived to freshly mixed bowl of guacomole and splendid margaritas at this wonderful palace, the plans for our trip were clear….we weren’t going to do much aside from relaxing in our place, eating,  and enjoying the 180 degree view.    The vacation was a grand one, with all but one of our meals prepared at our home.   There were jokes and fun conversations amongst us four abound, and even a superbowl party with whale watching in between commercials.

For me, some of the most savored moments in life go hand in hand with travels.    I find my senses opened up and receptive to both the big and the little things.  On of those moments came to me that first morning I awoke to watch the sun rise over the sea.  There in a moment of waking with the birds who celebrate the arrival of the sun, I witnessed the tangerine light of the sky give the most beautiful orange backlight to a spouting whale playing in the sea below.     While it may seem ironic (or moronic), I chose not to try to photograph it.   I’m sure you’ve heard it before…..some things simply are not meant to be captured with a camera (however I’m sure some “travel cam” at the resorts below caught it somewhere).

Later that morning, I witnessed my first leaping whale, and woke the entire neighborhood.  Our friend captured the last 3 of 4 leaps on his camera and we spent the rest of the day sipping adult drinks and scanning the sea.   I’m not much for spending vacations like this, but with hundreds of spouts per day and several massive splashes, I quickly settled into hours of splitting my time between binoculars and canonballs into the pool, with a fresh perspective on watching the ocean.

While 95 percent of this vacation was spent chillin’ in a lounger, we did find time for a few adventures.  The greatest was in boarding a zodiac raft and getting closer to the humpbacked creatures I studied in college.    Little did I know just how close we would get, I satisfied my bucket list urge of smelling whale breath and will cherish the moment we were almost run over by a whale.     Just for the record, it smelled nothing like tangerines.




  • These pictures are works of art! What an amazing vacation, well deserved, and I'm so jealous! Thank you so much for sharing your work and a piece of your wonderful vacation with us.

  • Couga Lu said:

    Nice digs, Luke! Looks like a great time. You must have some excellent karma! Keep up the good work. Love the photos, too!!!

  • I'm so happy that you had a wonderful time on a much needed and deserved vacation! It looks absolutely fabulous!! Yes, I could see myself sitting on the patio just taking it all in. Somebody would have had to drag me out of there!

  • Joy said:

    whoa! amazing footage of the whale and... your foot. glad you had fun!

  • Leti said:

    o! how i loVe your work! thank you for sharing your incredible shots!!!beautiful!

  • Heather said:

    WOW! Are those skies for real? So surreal looking.
    Looks like an amazing trip. :)