Engagement Session Clothing Tips.

What to Wear for Our Engagement Session?

  We’re about to spend a few hours in front of a camera, in a balanced mix of relaxed portraits and real moments.    My engagement sessions tend to move around a selected location, and are far from stagnant.    Expect to discuss your wedding more, practice the various looks you can give, and share more about what you like and don’t like about how you look in images.     If you care to, send me some of your favorite and least favorite photos of yourselves, so I can visualize what you might be thinking about. Things to Keep in Mind for Clothing Selections. 

– Color Coordination.  While exact matching outfits are long out of style, coordinating colors are great.  Even color families, for example, like dark purple and light purple will be timeless for years to come.
What to Wear for Our Engagement or Portrait Session? photography – Coordinate styles. Make sure to match the overall feel of outfits.
– Solids or simple patterns. Dont over do it with the patterns. Solid dark colors are the most flattering, but are also usually more serious.  Solid light colors are a little brighter and relaxed.   Consider the mood you want to convey.
– A cute cocktail dress is always a good way to go.
– Fitted clothing. Baggy clothes are unflattering and messy.
 The layered look is always a winner for downtown, sophisticated settings.   Men can wear dark jeans, hip shoes, and a collared shirt, with or without a jacket and tie.   Women can wear jeans and a dressy top, with splashes of color, bold jewelry, and heals.   Remember, Spice is n Guys: Nice dark jeans, hip shoes, collared shirt and a loose tie. A jacket to finish it off. Girls: Nice jeans, paired with a dressy top, splashes of color or patterns, funky jewelry and high heels. (or cute dress).
– Spice is nice. However if you’re bringing heels, bring a pair of flip flops for swapping out as we change backdrops.
– Talk with me about the locations you will be shooting at so I can give specific recommendations.
Wardrobe changes are welcome.   Know the spots we go to may not have bathrooms, so prepare to change in your car.
– Most importantly: Be comfortable and plan to have fun with it! Prepare yourself to be engaged, in love, and playful.

  Things Not to Wear – Clothing with big logos or lots of writing Too distracting. – Shirts with short hemlines or mid-drifts. – Super Short skirts. – Exact matching outfits. Look coordinated, not matching. Unless you want to do 80’s cheesy, white shirts and blue jeans will have me giggling too hard to make photos. Other Ideas Another fun way to make your session unique and fun is to bring props. For example, some fun props are: – Sunglasses – A Thank You or Save the Date sign on a poster-board for personalized thank you and save the date cards. Remember: its always great to get your engagement photos out there for everyone to see! – Instruments you play – Hats – Your favorite cool couch or chair. – Anything else that makes your relationship unique or that is special to you. Makeup and Hair: Consider “trying out” your makeup and hair artist on the same day as the engagement. The Big Picture.   Finally, I would rather you wear your favorite outfit instead of your new looky-looky-goody-goody one.   I’m trying to document who you are in the courtship phase of your life, and want you relaxed enough to enjoy each other as you would with a good friend with a camera.