Lifestyle Couples Photography

Lifestyle Couples Photography

Photography of couples in a lifestyle is one of the styles of photography I like most. I enjoy being with couples in their personal space doing what they love in the course of a normal weekend—simple, at-home photography sessions without interruptions from a third party.

Couples are more relaxed, and they can express themselves easily and at ease, with authenticity. The simplicity and authenticity when photographing genuine moments are essential for me, and the lifestyle-based style for couples is the best way to capture these moments.

In the morning, I met Martina and Yannis in their house. It was a couple of weeks before the wedding. They were at ease and enjoying the gorgeous Sunday morning. The coffee was provided, and it was fantastic! What more could I want for? A couple engaged, the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and the home brimming with sunshine!

Then… you can guess… you can guess that I received a bonus…not to mention two! Martina was inspired to bake her famous croissants at home, and I was blessed with the most adorable tiny helper I’ve ever had: little Achilles, who was sleeping through my bags and equipment and asking for more and more kisses and affections which everyone was content to offer.

Couples Photography

In the Couples photography session, it’s the perfect opportunity to chat with me about your first moment when you glanced at one another… and the time when the windswept you… Your love story! Perhaps you’d like to go for an easy stroll through the city’s streets or a stroll at the beach, or if you’re looking for a more conceptual shoot… We’ll shoot some photographs that will be a celebration of your relationship, and you’ll cherish them for the remainder of the rest of your lives…

Lifestyle Photography

What can we do to add an atmosphere of living to a couple’s photography session? We provide a backdrop consisting of specific locations that we love, events, or certain moments. Also, we incorporate real-life moments into the photo sessions. Everyday routines can appear different when you document the images. The moment you eat ice cream at your favourite coffee place or sitting with your best friend, and feels like a love story from a film with a camera for photography.

Couples Personal Lifestyle

And where do we cross the line to a more intimate photoshoot for couples who live in the same area? Making the perfect backdrop in the ease of your home! Yes!! The most beautiful place in the world is a castle that is owned by a couple. Who can argue with this?

You’re drinking your morning coffee in a half-naked state or wearing lighter clothing… as well wearing those blue denim. Hanging out at home listening to your favourite music will indeed bring the most beautiful smiles and appearances. Both are crucial for excellent photos!

Selecting your place to host your couples’ lifestyle photography before your wedding day allows you and your partner to dance in front of the camera. This will remove the fear of the photograph and will ensure that you are completely at ease every moment you listen to”click” “click.”

The photos taken in the privacy of your home can transform the shyest couples and transform them into professional models. The natural and intimate setting that we have at home can do amazing. Photographic sessions at home go beyond the latest trends and give it a more personal touch. It’s a step further than the traditional outdoors wedding photography as well as pre-wedding photography sessions. It’s exclusive and offers a wide range of intimate moments, as it is a couple of boudoir photographs while wearing your dress on.

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I am a photographer. A dynamite personal storyteller and a professional film photographer for weddings. What else could I say? The act of taking pictures gives me the feeling that I’ve found my purpose on this planet. I am motivated by the desire for beauty and genuine emotions. Being a seasoned storytelling wedding photographer for more than ten years, I am constantly moving for photographic adventures.

Weddings are beautiful, and that is one of the reasons I was able to choose to be an event photographer: capture every single moment and is capable of capturing the moments for you to cherish. I want to convey by my photographs how special your story is and how gorgeous your personality is…

I want to be the persona about your journey and your wedding and let the most important people who are part of your life experience beauty and love. To convey the excitement of excitement, the joy and the wonder… The hopes and wishes and the love you share!