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Outdoor Fashion Photography Ideas

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Outdoor Fashion Photography Ideas

Outdoor fashion photography can solve many of your challenges and at the same time save the additional expenditure required to acquire the gear. You may have a terrific place, gorgeous model and top-of-the line camera and lens and lighting equipment, but still, there are many issues to think of for making the outdoor photo take productive. This is a great way for amateur photographers to make their images into great pieces of art. Your best bet is to be well prepared and know what you are doing when it comes to capturing nature in its true essence. Here are some tips and techniques that you should think about for better results.

Outdoor Fashion Photography ideas


One of the best outdoor fashion photography ideas is to capture the milieu in its raw form. This means, you must be able to capture the natural aura of the place in its most basic form. If you cannot capture the atmosphere completely, at least attempt to use raw format so that you can be more descriptive of the environment while still trying to remain as objective as possible. There is much to say about capturing the natural beauty in its raw form, from the right lighting position to the placement of objects. So, here are some of your options. Shoot your scene with a simple point-and-shoot digital camera or with an old-fashioned film camera.


Another one of the best outdoor fashion photography tips is that you can capture the most beautiful images by thinking about your surroundings before you snap the images. In this regard, it is important to remember that people behave differently in different situations and the natural impulse to look around and be aware of what is going on is always present. So, while you are taking a photo of a landscape or scenery, think about how the sun rays, temperature and humidity are affecting the people around. This can be used to start understanding how the model reacts to the weather conditions in his environment and how this can be translated into your shots.

10 Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for Models :


1. Beach

The beach as a beach location gives you a variety of possibilities for shooting. If, for instance, you shoot at the beach that is tropical in Florida, it will offer sparkling clear water and gorgeous sandy beaches. If you are shooting at a beach along the west coast of California, the scenery is likely to have mountains that can be seen in the distance as well as rocks to climb, and the elevation will give the illusion of depth

Beach locations in Europe can be found in tiny towns, bringing a unique perspective to your portrait. If you choose to use the beach as your subject, ensure to capture a mix of photographs taken on the ground and the sea. The contrast of textures and colors from sea to sand will create a visual appeal for your photos.

2. Open Field

Another location suggestion for outdoor photography is to make use of the open field. In this scenario, it is best to choose a smooth and long area to give perspectives and depth to your photos. This could be a spot bursting with green grass and even fields of flowers, so long as you have plenty of space to put your subject.
In shooting outdoors in open fields, it is important to create distinct sizes between you and your subject. Create up-close portraits, full-body shots, with small distances between you and your model, and then expand the distance to make your model fully immersed in the scenery. Since an open space is free of distracting elements, you can capture a variety of angles. This allows you to have your subject lie down in the grass or turn upwards and capture more of the sky.

3. Coffee Shop

Utilizing elements and locations within your city is an excellent method to create unique portraits. Cafes are an extremely popular concept for photographers who want their photos enhanced with a narrative element. Cafés and coffee shops are available worldwide, and they usually feature some aesthetic appeal like a design and color palette.

4. By the Pool

The idea of taking photos of your model in the pool is an excellent alternative for during the hot summer months. You can draw ideas from shoots in an old-fashioned motel, set your model in a bright chair, or even get them submerged completely in the clear blue waters. Be sure to include waterproof protection in your equipment. The pool as a shooting place is typically used in commercial projects for sunglass or swimwear brands. Concepts created in the swimming pool can be sure to look professional.

5. City Streets

Based on the city you reside in, taking streets for your subject is certain to produce distinctive and personal photos. It is known that photographers who photograph their subjects in a city location usually create representations of their city view.
For instance, In New York, a photographer enticed by the beauty in The Upper East Side may photograph their model standing on one of the stairs to a beautiful brownstone. Another photographer who appreciates the industrial and urban side of the city might locate themselves in parts of Brooklyn like Bushwick.

6. Tennis Court

Portrait Photo on the Tennis Court

The use of sports-related sites is not always a requirement for shooting athletically. A great way to use a place for an innovative idea is the tennis court. Because the court has the illusion of depth, juxtaposition of lines, and varying ways to use light – you’re sure to come up with images that will be visually appealing.

One of the best ways to create portraits with interesting light is to use the net of the court to experiment with shadows and patterns in the subject’s frame. In addition, because most tennis courts are large with no shade, you’ll get plenty of light regardless of the moment of the day. It can result in delicate patterns in the early morning and the evening times and more potent lighting during the middle of the day.

7. Rooftop

If you’re searching for the perfect location with the illusion of depth, vast open spaces, and an enticing light, then you should consider shooting on the roof. Rooftops are the ideal location because they are a great way to capture the essence of an urban area without interruptions and interruptions that are common in the streets. If you shoot on rooftops, you can select locations like a classic building and even the highest point of the parking garage.

8. Backyard / Garden

Similar to taking photos of your model in a field open to the elements and a garden in the backyard will give your photos an enchanting, romantic, and romantic look. By utilizing the colors of the foliage and the array of flowers that gardens offer, it is possible to use the tones and hues to emphasize the feminine aspect of the subject.
An excellent technique for creating portraits in the garden is to use flower arrangements to frame your face and body. You could also consider adding extra items and elements to give an element of storytelling to your shoots, like white sheets in the clothing line as well as lawn chairs and blankets.

9. Mountaintop

For adventurous photographers and models, choosing a mountain top for your backdrop is the ideal location to take portraits with depth. When you photograph in wide spaces, you’re capable of blending the look of the natural world and models’ frames in one stunning photo.

10.Industrial Background

For the daring and models photographers, choosing the mountain top for your photo location is ideal for taking deep portraits. When you photograph in open spaces, you’re capable of blending the look of the natural world and frames of the model into a striking photo.
The final suggestion for outdoor photoshoots is to take pictures of your model in an industrial background. In this case, it is possible to use locations like bridges, overpasses, or against garage doors, or even graffitied walls.
Industrial and urban environments create a distinct contrast between your setting and your subject. Because of your subject’s attractiveness and the absence of any obvious aesthetic appeal to your backdrop, you can create striking, powerful portraits.