What are some examples of juxtaposition?

What are some examples of association?

What are some examples of association?

We observe the association of light as well as darkness consistently. Take into consideration an instance from Act I, Scene V: “O, she doth instruct the lanterns to shed brilliant! Right here, the glowing face of Juliet is compared with a black African’s dark skin.

Is black as well as white an association?

The association of the white covering versus the black sand stresses the distinction in between them. It’s not a coincidence that I selected to transform this image to black as well as white. Often, great black as well as white photography is produced merely by comparing a black topic with a white one.

Is Comparison a literary gadget?

Comparison is an ornate gadget whereby authors recognize distinctions in between 2 topics, locations, individuals, points, or suggestions. Merely, it is a kind of resistance in between 2 items, highlighted to highlight their distinctions.

Exactly how do you utilize words association in a sentence?

You can not claim “The photographer compared his photo.” Due to the fact that the principle of association calls for 2 points (or photos, or scenes, or point of views or suggestions), you need to compare something with another thing.

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