What does the abbreviation V mean in medical terms?

What does the abbreviation V mean in medical terms?

Abbreviation for rate; volt; a, describes blended venous (lung arterial) blood.

What does the abbreviation V mean?

Phrase Interpretation
V 5 (Roman character)
V Video Clip
V Variation
V We

What does N as well as V in medical abbreviation? N/V– nausea/vomiting N/V/ D.– nausea/vomiting/diarrhea.

What does V as well as V mean?

Confirmation as well as Recognition V&& V. Villains & Vigilantes (parlor game) V&&V Video clip & Vision.

What does V smileymean?

The success hand , or V indicator, has its beginnings in the WWII resistance tothe Nazis. … The success hand emoji is an electronic depiction of the success hand. In 1993, the success hand was included in Unicode 1.1, making it a traditional symbol. In 2015, it was included in Unicode’s Emoji 1.0 collection.

What does ABX mean?

Phrase Interpretation
ABX Prescription Antibiotics
ABX Barrick Gold Firm (supply sign)
ABX Airborne Express
ABX Extracting

What does N V mean in chemistry?

n.V n = moles of solute C = focus (moles/L= molarity) V = quantity of option in L.

What does GTT mean medical?

gtt.: Abbreviation significance decreases (from the Latin “guttae”, decreases). Among a variety of solemn acronyms of Latin terms that have actually typically been utilized in prescriptions.

What does V mean in message talk?

V suggests “ Extremely

What does V mean in love?

For instance: L= desire, O= fixation, V= vain, E= power.

What is the complete kind of V?

Complete Kind Group Term
Endeavor Stock Market V
Overcome Sports V
Success Armed Forces as well as Protection V
Vanquish Armed Forces as well as Protection V

What is the significance of 3 in conversation?

<< 3. ways " love

What does P mean in texting?

The term/ P is a tone indication that means ” platonic” It’s simply a method for clearing up that you’re not being flirty or sex-related while texting. It’s included in the end of a message after the typical spelling.

What does 0 mean in texting?

0 ways “ Shock

What is an ABX therapy?

A substance abuse alone or with various other medications to deal with particular kinds of intestines cancer cells that have actually infected various other components of the body. It is utilized in clients whose cancer cells has actually not currently been dealt with or whose cancer cells worsened after therapy with various other anticancer medications.

Does ABX mean antibiotic?

Prescription Antibiotics, anti-bacterial medicines. ABX Air. An asset-backed safeties index. ABX diagnostics, a medical gadget maker, which was obtained by Horiba.

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